Updates to Top Times & Records Pages Coming

Wednesday, September 2 2020

Just a quick post with some exciting news. I (Coach Dunne) have finally figured out how to embed Google Sheets right into the pages of this website. That means from now on, as I convert graphs to sheets I will update our course records and history pages. The really cool thing about this is that now when we update those pages - they will automatically update on the website - which saves us time and extra steps!

Also, in addition we did some research after the meet yesterday and practice today and discovered that the boys have been running what is essentially the current cross country course since 1995. (Note: The girls did not begin running 3.0 miles as sanctioned by the IHSA until 2002. From 1995-97 they ran 2 miles; from 1998-2001 it was 2.5 miles). So the Boys Career Best Times List has been updated and expanded to reflect that, which adds in seven more seasons' worth of runners and takes the list from 99 runners to 136 runners. The girls list remains at the same number.

For now - check out the refreshed Westmont boys & girls career lists:

Westmont Girls XC Career Bests

Westmont Boys XC Career Bests

Look for more updates to the career lists from other courses and the top times lists in the coming days and weeks!


-Coach Dunne