Gavin Greaney

Senior - Westmont, IL - Westmont

Cross Country

Meet Race Time/Split/Mark Place Media
Home Meet (vs. Timothy Christian) (09/01/2020)3 Mile22:19.016
Home Meet (vs. Ridgewood and Wheaton Academy) (09/05/2020)3 Mile21:52.028
Home Meet (vs. Chicago Christian & Riverside-Brookfield) (09/11/2020)3 Mile20:48.031
Home Meet (vs. Elmwood Park) (09/15/2020)3 Mile20:47.09
Away Meet (at St. Francis) (09/18/2020)3 Mile20:31.033
Home Meet (vs. Chicago Christian & St. Ed's) (09/22/2020)3 Mile20:31.012
Away Meet (at Bishop McNamara) (09/24/2020)3 Mile20:16.040
Home Meet (Westmont 500 vs. Lisle) (09/29/2020)3 Mile20:23.06
Home Meet (vs. Ridgewood) (10/03/2020)3 Mile20:22.07
Home Meet (vs. Timothy Christian) (10/06/2020)3 Mile19:25.09
Away Meet (at Ridgewood with R-B) (10/09/2020)3 Mile19:45.016
Metro Suburban Red Conference Championship (10/17/2020)3 Mile19:13.024
IHSA Class 1A Harvest Christian Regional (10/24/2020)5k20:24.057

** = unattached | D = Decathlon